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considers the defense of marriage act which denies federal benefits to married same-sex couples. nine states and the district of columbia allow same-sex marriage. nine more has strong domestic partnership laws. the court is expected to rule late in june. carolyn tyler is travel to washington, d.c. >> she will be sitting in court when the nation's highest court considers whether california's proposition 8 wrongly denies the right to marry. the live reports begin here on tuesday. >>> besides gay marriage, they will hear arguments on a case involving billions of consumer dollars. at issue is brand name drug companies and generic drug a makerers. they will argue the deals cost taxpayers more than $3 billion a year by delaying the luggage of cheaper generics. >>> scientists say they have a way to get rid of that annoying song that gets stuck in your head. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ama: but i like all those songs. repeat in your head when they are catchy and mind under stress. researchers say there is a way to get rid of them. you need to task that is not too complicated because it uses same part of the game
orleans. start with defense. how about robin lopez learn to live with rejection like i have. apparently he's a slow learner. robin get it ou out. >> that in common. >> flash of this every once if in awhile from barns hard to the basket. breaking the other way. reward the trailer. 3 30-24. look here. contesting the shot. keeping it alive and 8 points. 9 lee bound. 4 block. curry the hot curry spicey. 5 assist behind the back to play tomorrow sochbility and kent known for the defense. curry goes for 30. catch and shoot from way out. 93 to 72. warriors win on the road. round out the 3 game road trip on wednesday and never win when visiting the spurs. james to miami heat in search of 23 straight win in boston tonight. this is over jason like a midget and just got crushed. >> wow! >> that was ridiculous. no kevin garnet. sets up for 43. tied at 103. give it to lebron to win the game. over 3. 37 streak continues second longest in nba history. the time here unusual situation but not complaining in berkeley. cal 12 seed heading into the tournament but play what amounts
! >> the department of defense released this video of similar training conducted at the same military depot last year during daylight. but this team used 80 millimeter rounds, not the 60 millimeter rounds at the center of explosion. they have suspend of all 60 military meters mortars while the investigation continues. >> that tells me that something about this weapon, mechanically has gone wrong and marine corps believes it was not the fault of the marines. >> retired colonel says the focus is on the victims' families. investigators will treat the this accident like a crime scene recon stlukt go everything that led up to the explosion. >> dan: while president obama is keeping an eye on the marines' death and his thoughts and prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones. president left tonight on the trip to the middle east, a diplomatic mission that includes his first ever visit to israel. white house says the advice it will be geared toward winning the hearts and minds of the israelis people and there will be no significant announcements on the peace process. >> these two men convict of bigges
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3